better late than never….

So we have finally settled in the VA area and are so glad to be unpacked.  Unfortunately I’m a bit behind on posting my challenges.  We have a few months of schooling to do before we head to Russia so I’m having a very hard time finding time to do the challenges.  I have to give some huge props to all of you who work and still manage to get them done…..I don’t know how you do it.  I’ll probably figure it out just in time to pack up again and head on out. 

The worst part of moving is having to give up the beautiful kitchen for a tiny kitchen apartment…..where there is no natural lighting to even dream of taking a somewhat attractive picture.  I apologize for the lack of talent and pictures that these post will have, but I promise I’ll start manipulating things till I have it down k? 

This month’s Daring Cooks challenge was hosted by Debyi from the Healthy Vegan Kitchen.   She challenged us to make Indian Dosas.  I was so excited for this challenge as I love Vegan food.  I grew up practically vegetarian and miss eating that way.  (so hard to live that lifestyle when living with a boy and man who say NO to twig and berry food)  TheIndian Dosas recipe comes from reFresh: Contemporary Vegan Recipes From the Award Winning Fresh Restaurants by Ruth Tal.  Lucky for me I didn’t have to purchase anything but the spelt flour to make this dish.  As I was cooking, it was smelling fantastic and I was salivating as I finished in the kitchen.  It took everything I had not to try the dish before I got all the components together.   Once I assembled the dosas I sat down to eat, and after the first bite my excitement fell.  I didn’t like it.  I was so disappointed.  I’m not even sure why I didn’t like it.  Maybe cause there was no fat to smooth and blend the flavor together.  Ghee definitely would have added to the dish, but I’m not sure that would have even fixed what my taste buds were missing.  The dosas pancakes were good and I can see using them with other fillings, and boy and man each ate one…..but so not what I was hoping for. 

Surely it can’t be the recipe…..it’s gotta be the kitchen. 

Daring Cooks 2~Me 1


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