Oh the HORROR!!

The Daring Cooks have finally arrived and I’m so excited that the Daring Bakers have branched off into another group that will make me even more amazing than I already am. (I’m so kidding about that last part people…I’m really just medium amazing)  Our first challenge was brought to us from our BRILLIANT co-founders Lis and Ivonne.  They have chosen the gnocchi for our first gig.  We were given a great recipe and I had this great pumpkin sauce that I was going to use to dress it…..but then I got mad at them and just used pesto.   We were given this great tip to just do one gnocchi first so that we would be able to see if our mixture needed more stability.   If we dropped a gnocchi in and it floated to the top without busting open, then everything was just right.     gnocchi   See it’s totally floating………that means success.

I then proceeded to make the rest of the gnocchi and threw them in to cook.  I was super anxious waiting for them to be done so I could eat them.  Instead of waiting for them to finish I went to the one I had already cooked and taken out…but when I looked at it, it had changed…to a blob….of mush.  WTH?  I decided to wait till the others were done to try it and pushed Mr. irritation to the back of my mind.   After my gnocchi had spent their due time in el jacuzzi I took them out to cool when to my HORROR they all melted into a blob while they rested.  Okay not all….I saved 3.  3 gnocchis made it through and by the time I fished them out of the mess they were unattractive.  Absolutely unworthy of the pumpkin sauce I had planned to robe them with.   Mr. irritation was now out of hiding and I couldn’t think past the failure and just pulled out the pesto.  (love pesto…it’s the bandaid for food)  I took my food photo outside in the glaring sun to try and minimize the ugly…notice my grass…it’s looking really good right now.   final product

Daring Cooks 1~Me 0

Game On


2 Responses to “Oh the HORROR!!”

  1. 1 giz
    May 15, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    Pumpkin sauce – that’s a great idea – I like it. You did a great job with the gnocchi

  2. 2 apes
    May 18, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Oh this is so exciting . . . I am commenting for the first time ever on your BLOG! 🙂 Way cool. Put all your worries aside, little missy . . . you write the way you talk and it’s hilarious and fabulous and entertaining like no other! 🙂 LOVE IT! Oh yeah, I should say something about the food, right? LOL. The survivors looked delicious, and I loved the grassy background. Put that on the list of things you still need to cook for me . . . oh wait, that list is already a mile long! LOL

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