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Piece of Cake….

db2So I have finally caved….and started my own blog.  I have always been the anti-blog person in the group.  So not willing to spend the time plus I’m not naturally creative and always felt that blogging would stress me out.   I joined this “little” group called the Daring Bakers’ about a year ago and through natural progression have ended up here.   Some people that I’ve talked to have assured me that blogging is a “piece of cake”, but I’ve learned that I am technologically inept and that “piece of cake” is nowhere in sight.  Therefore, I am blindly jumping into this adventure and enjoying the sights as I go.  Hey….who doesn’t love an adventure right? (plus they are always fun if people come with you to share the experience)  Anyway….back to cake. 

The April 2009 challenge is hosted by Jenny from Jenny Bakes. She has chosen Abbey’s Infamous Cheesecake as the challenge.db-43

Who is this Abbey they speak of and why is she infamous?  Well I still don’t know about who she is, but I will tell you she’s infamous because this cheesecake is so moist.  I’m talking perfectly moist, the kind of moist you dream about and covet when you eat cheesecake from a fine restaurant.  The recipe was basic and simple and the challenge was to make it unique.  (what is with all this creativity…don’t they know I have no imagination?)  I decided that I would make a light tasting cheesecake to go along with the spring weather we’ve been experiencing.  I made a coconut flavored cheesecake with a mandarin/mango juice glaze.  I was gonna stop there, but I was feeling that I needed to step it up a smidge since I have my own blog now and chose to frost the sides with a thin layer of buttercream and topped it with some sugared almonds.  Doesn’t sound really good when you mention frosting eh?, but it takes the cheesecake to a different level.  It makes it more than just a cheesecake and it tastes really good.   db1

So there it is….my first post.  Ta-Da!!  Once I figure it all out, there will be links and a button and all the other stuff that makes a blog a blog.  ( I know…crazy talk right?!)


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